My ex has never kissed a guy but she's found this mister perfect, literally and I feel jealous and unpleasant. What do I do?

We never ended on good terms, she just cut me off so even after getting over her I would think about her. Now I'm jealous her first kiss will happen with this guy and the guy is perfect, popular, rich and all that. I've tried moving on from this, I've tried thinking about what I want but the reality is I just want to be the first guy to kiss her.
I also feel bad because she has fallen for him bad and he doesn't have to do anything.
How do I get rid of this negativity. I try to ignore it but it just doesn't work and I know a first kiss is beautiful


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  • First kisses are not that amazing. Usually the are awkward more than anything.

    If you dated with out even kissing, just remember you have much better things to come for you. It might not be with her, but it will be with some who enjoys you company more.

    Rather than focusing on the past and what could have been look forward to all the excitement and opportunity.

    • You're right, thank you so much!
      It genuinely helps to know this

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