Should I walk away or be patient?

I been having lots of mis-communication with my ex the guy I'm pregnant by. Since our break up over a month ago he went from avoiding me to then texting and eventually talking to me in person. Last weekend he came out too see me for he lives about two hours away to go with me to the doctors yet he stayed with me and everything seemed to be going very well, we were able to work out certain issues of the past that led the breakup to occur. Communication seemed to be slowly progressing, and we had

intimate moments during his visit here along with words such as I love you and miss you.

Yet he kept staying adamant about not being in

a relationship until he gains his life back. Which

I do understand that he wants control in his life

before he becomes a father to our child. But

where does that leave us? It's just so confusing

he says he wants me, and tells me to be patient

which I am being patient an I support him everyday with encouraging words . But then this

last week we had a huge argument about a

possible us and then I find out he went behind

my back after he Said he wouldn't. It hurt, for I

trust him completely.. Yet you would think if

someone loved u, they would have respect

enough to not complicate our situation more. .

I do love him and he says he loves me but I feel

I am being supportive of his decisions just why

is that he doesn't ask me how I am or what I

may need it's more about him and no one else.

I do see I may be doing this pregnancy alone. I

am somewhat prepared yet I'm not. Should I

just let him be and have me move on and

ignore him when he says I love you or misses

Me. Or should I continue to take a ride on this

confusing emotional roller coaster and just hope

he wants a relationship with me? Cause it is

really hard having him say he loves me but

doesn't want a relationship and can't show me

he wants me included in his life yet says he rather be single right now which will only help us in the long run so that's what he feels . I'm having a hard time seeing that!:-(


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  • this is why it sucks to be a woman, he doesn't want to give up his life he wants to have more fun he thinks he has a choice (in my opinion he shouldnt) between both lifes. if your not going to force him to go through with being a father then just stick out until you have the kid see if his attitude changes, put up a wall though if he's hurting you emotionally

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your answer.. I agree with what you said. It la very insightful and helpful.:-)

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  • well, sweets. at first congratulations :)

    Now listen leave past behind. your boy is not emotionally stable. and he is confused with most of de thngs in his life. he is tryig to manage everythng.. give hm tym and stay sweet to him.

    as I thnk its a bit rude nt to ask your girl hows she doin even... so I thnk you shld ignore hm a little bit or tell hm what you are feling. ..

    ur focus shld b your baby .. he will be with you ... dun worry .. stay happy and good luck

  • No matter what, you can't completely walk away from this situation because you will have a child together. He should take some responsibility for the raising of this child.

    It sounds as though he's having a tough time coming to terms with the fact that in a few months, he will have to help you raise a child, despite the fact that you're not really together anymore. Well, time for him to grow up. He can only act like a baby up until the due date.

    • Thanks for the support.. I do know he will sooner or later be involved for his daughter . I will always be supportive of his decision. I am trying really hard to be super supportive knowing he may be undergoing a lot of stress. I just can't understand why he says he loves me but doesn't show it. Guys are confusing sometimes:) but I appreciate your answer.

    • Actions speak louder than words. Find a sibling or a friend to help you get through this pregnancy because he doesn't sound reliable.

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