My popular crush/her friend spread crazy rumors about me?

what do I do if we used to like each other and then I sort of went crazy because of her. but then she rejected me and said was weird. I don't think she knows that I was crazy because of her. and then her friend and her spread extremely bad rumors about me... about 200 people at uni always gossiping about me saying I'm a crazy weirdo etc... I can't stop it anymore. I'm getting affected badly... I feel like shit and everyone thinks I'm crazy and I'm a loner. in class people would sit far apart or diff row than me.


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  • then screw those people, i don't beg for their friendship or anyone else. Fuck them all and i move on with my life.

    • But isn't it also my fault I went crazy?

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    • wrong or right doesn't matter, i just see that you don't deserve this whole thing happening. So if i was your place i will say out loud fuck all of you with all my heart and will feel better and do not give a fuck about how more crazy i will sound like. i'm not that kind of person they think i am so fuck them all if they think so.

    • like do i really not deserve it? isn't it my mistake?

  • been there done that fuck herand work on yourself

    • Dam. U too? How did u get past it... Is it my fault? Like I kind of was weird/crazy...

    • i started dating agin end up finding someone 100% better then with time i realize o deserve better then my ex. we did end up talking agim since i wanted to try being friends but sadly her boyfriend was jelly and afarid i would take her away so he told her am he is not ok with us being friends even if i got a girlfriend. this help me realize even more so how immutre she is if she can't make her own choices. but ask yourself do u really wanna date someone who lies? my ex told everyone i wouldn't leave her alome a big lie not 100% true

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