Girls, what's going on?

So, it's been almost 6 months since me and my ex broke up. She got a boyfriend not even a month after we broke up but they already broke up as well. During these six months I have never initiated contact with her, she would always start it with me, and at first believe it or not it was to help with her boyfriend problems. Now that they are broken up (and a before they were) she added me back on Instagram, unblocked me, and refriended me on Snapchat. She still is the one that starts the conversation or sometime even randomly or what seems like goes out of her way to message her or talk to me. Girls, what is she trying to accomplish? Does she just miss the friendship or wanna try something again? I'm just not really sure her intentions.


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  • She is a fucking biach/ bitch!!!
    She seems like a slut, i dont even know why your even having thoughts on... whatever. Listen, if a girl you dated and broke up starts dating another one after a month, its a sign that she didn't give 2 fucks about you, now that she broke up with her second boyfriend as well, she wants you back. Get your brain thinking man~
    My advice, tell her to back the fuck off. Just forget about her, i dont believe that she misses you or wants your friendship. It seems like she's playing a very sick game. I fucking hate two faced bitches like her. Next time you want to date a girl, know her background or at least be friends with her for more than a year. Thats all. Cheers! Have a good evening/day.


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  • My ex was exactly the same way. She's essentially using you as a security blanket.

    Take it from me. My ex dumped me for a lousy drug addict. After three weeks of strict no contact, she blew up my phone and was begging for me to take her back. The first few days were great, but then she suddenly started acting hot and cold. She acted like that for roughly two months, and after digging a bit on her Facebook, I found out she was cheating.

    So my advice to you is to drop her and move on to someone who will actually appreciate you.


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  • She obviously misses you

  • She's using you man. Cut that tie. She'll fill you with love til something better comes along. Essentially, she wants attention.


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