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My ex broke up with me 2 months ago. Said she needed time and that we didn't know what would happen in the future but we needed to be apart. We were talking the time we were apart, I did her a few favors and vice versa. We talked hung out a few times. We both seemed really respectful and receptive of each other. She kept offering me to stay at her house and hang out but i never did, was usually with friends. Finally I called her to say I missed her. She got mad. Told me to move on. Said she had moved on and I needed to. Deleted all the pictures of us. So I left it alone, I was hurt but I tied to move on. I recently asked for some money she owed me and she said she would get it to me she was traveling. I made the mistake of looking at her Instagram and she is with some guy in Europe. Come to find out she was with him 2 weeks after we broke up. He lives there and she flew there to see him. I know she didn't cheat or anything but man 2 weeks after and she is already in a new relationship? To me it seems sleazy, and a little classless. Especially when she was talking to me and this guy the whole time. Feels like she was leading me on but maybe she was just being nice? Hard to look at it that way. How would you guys feel? I have blocked all social media and am going to move on and never give her a chance to hurt me again. I am mad but i guess technically she never disreapected me? I dunno, what do you guys think?


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