Is it ok to be friends with your ex even if your partner hates it?

not asking for me i just wanna known


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  • Personally for me it would depend on the situation If they were friends before I'd be more accepting of it although I'd be uncomfortable with them being alone in a private place together. I would probably be a little wary of the friendship I think that would only be natural but wouldn't interfere or anything. If they weren't friends before then I don't really see the need to just stay friends I wouldn't with an ex of mine although I would never say he can't be friends with an ex. If he asked me I wouldn't lie to him or be two faced about it and I'd tell him I'm uncomfortable with it and that maybe compromises needed to be made


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  • If your current partner hates it. . . is it more important to maintain some type of relationship with your ex or with your current partner? Ignore your current partner's feelings and she is likely to say, "fuck this shit! I'm outta here!"

    Some people think that the only reason to maintain a relationship with an ex is because there is some hope of reuniting in the future. There are enough people who do have that motivation so that you can't accuse your current partner of having a stupid or unreasonable attitude.

    • why do people think that way? i was friends with my ex before we dated amd we never even had sex.. so was hoping we could. be friends. sadly her boyfriend was not ok. with it so. i respecfed her wish

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    • Our lives are replete with instances of things that may be "unfair," but the word "fair" should be banished from our lives. That just is not reality!

    • its show how right u are

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  • Well I don't see whats wrong if we're just friends tbh. My exes live hundred miles away from me anyway.

    • i see good.. thought maybe i was just being crazy. my ex said she can't be friends with me since her boyfriend was not ok with it yet we were friends for 7 years before dating and never even had sex.

    • I guess her boyfriend is worried that she might still have feelings for you. Which also means that he doesn't trust her...

    • i think your right he did say, he was worried we would keep talking or that one of us may fall back in love with the other. crazy thing is i have a new girlfriend and have not spoken to my ex in almost 3 years... so its sad he does not truest her or in the fact she now loves him. i see my ex often at her job when i go shopping and all she does is stare at me.. so am like why not be friends instend of being so awkward around each other?

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  • I delete exes from my life. Also I think it's awkward for exes to be hanging around in general. I wouldn't like it and glad my wife doesn't have any exes that are still friends.


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