Should I ask if a girl who rejected me ever liked me by email? Its been 1.5 years? I want to move on?

In the beginning, we met through a group project and a couple of times we expressed extreme interest with each other. ex. we kept looking at each other really often , sat beside each other and she even told me that she had no boyfriend 3-4 times (I think this was a hint she wanted me to be her boyfriend.), and she kept mentioning my name during the presentation however, the 2nd semester I kind of fucked up, I was weird, cold and did shit stuff. I got so nervous I went kind of crazy. I started being cold and she also started to be frustrated and cold. she yelled at me infront of whole class... on her birthday, I gave her a card hinting my interest in her and presents. however she said "oh you didn't have to. thanks for the presents." then I asked whether she liked the card. she said "it was subtly weird and naive". I kind of raged as I put effort with the card... I thought she was kind of rejecting me? she then said "look buddy, I don't mean to hurt you but you are weird. it's not how you look." I raged again... week after, I was at library studying. the library was quite full, there was a seat the desk next to me. she stood there for 1 minute looking at me until she sat down. when she sat down she kept playing with her hair, seemed very nervous... she is usually really cool/aggressive type of girl. She blocked me on social networks and etc...

Should I email her and ask if she ever liked me?


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  • No. Just move on. Do not contact her again, especially if she has already blocked you on social media. This description makes it seem like you have anger issues, so maybe you should focus on that instead. Best of luck.

  • Dude, move on.


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