Girl Rejected Me after telling me she had no bf?

My crush tells me that she has no boyfriend many times, gave me prolonged looks, tells me other guys were just friends. I started to act weird due to nervousness. She rejected me saying "Look buddy, I dont mean to hurt you. But you are weird."... I feel like absolute thrown shit. How does someone's feelings disappear so fast?


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  • I think I know why she doesn't have a boyfriend

    • she's popular, good looking, gets A+ grades in university,... she has many guy friends...

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    • has a lot of pursuers

    • What I am trying to tell you is something you may not want to hear. Dude there is a 99.9% chance she is a thot so stop being nervous around her what you need to do is get her back to thinking you're normal like she's only a friend ask her to hang out at your place and get her to give you some poosay because everyone here knows she brought it with her

  • So sad

  • she doesn't want a boyfriend

    • then why did she keep hinting she liked me?

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    • she would keep telling me that she has no boyfriend. like one time she said her friend was visiting her from china and then she tells me, "oh, he's my childhood friend. just a friend since i was small. he's not my boyfriend. i dont have a boyfriend."

    • OK. let me put it this way? did she ever ask you to be her boyfriend? did you ever ask her and she responded positively? what you're saying is uncorrelated to a relationship between you two, regardless of your blurred vision of it (cause you like her and want it to work)

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