Does my ex and child's father want me back?

He's weird whenever we're around each other but he's married now. I don't want him back but I'd like for us to be able to be in the same room.

what are ways I would be able to tell that's the issue or maybe that it's his wife with the issue.


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  • You know, it's hard to tell given what you say here, but the problem I have with this is that it sounds like hopeful thinking on your part even though you claim you don't want him back. There are plenty of reasons why he might be "weird", but being married while having to deal with an ex and a child with that ex can't be easy.

    If you really need answers (again, I'm not sure why this is so important), then you can talk to him but I'm guessing you aren't going to get the reaction that you're hoping for.

    • I'm just trying to understand because I've tried everything to get him to spend time with his kid and everything has to be approved by her before he'll do it seems and I don't get why.

      The rare times I have seen him if he makes eye contact he smiles a lot or looks mad it's just weird and it bugs me

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