How do I move on?

My boyfriend and I (ex boyfriend now) we were together for almost 3 years.. yes it hurts that he left me it's been a few days and all I do is cry and I can't sleep and I don't eat I lost my appetite.. I'm not so happy... either... what can I do to try and get this off my mind? And what can I do to try and move on? Hangout with my friends? I know it's gonna take awhile to move on but I'm in so much pain from just losing him.. but we're still friends..
do I need to go on "dates" that's what someone said to me but I don't wanna.. but will that help?


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  • I have been through 2 break-ups, and what worked best for me is exercising and to hang out with friends. I started thinking more about having a great workout and that helps your mind think about other things.
    Spending time with friends and family is very important because if you are lonely you probably will just overthink and be sad. The trick is to always be busy and having fun, it helps spreading your mind on other matters :)

  • Was in the same situation as yours, however my reasons for braking up were pretty intense and we couldn't end it up being just friends, and for me it hurts cz i was too much in love and she dumped me.

    Loss of sleep, appetite, feeling depressed etc are really, really hard to deal.

    But the first thing you've got to do is sit alone think about stuffs cry a lot and befor u get up decide mentally that you need to move on.. And dont let those sweet happy memories flash in, if they do disengage immediately.

    And just stay contend to this thought of moving on.

    And then get into supplimentry stuffs find a hobby get along with your friends.

    And trust me when i say it, the harder you are hit, the higher you are going to rise.

    Take care :)


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  • when i was 18 my high school sweetheart broke up with me after 4 years together and all my friends told me to go on dates with other people to help me move on and it didn't help at all! i was actually on a date and told the guy i just couldn't do this and he said it's cool when you get over him and find yourself again let me know..& that's what i did, i found a hobby that really interested me and hung out with friends, did things i had done before that made me happy and just focused on me and after awhile i was over it and content with being by myself and decided to try to date again and met a great guy and dated him for awhile.. when people say you need to learn to be ok alone before you can be ok with someone else is so true! the first couple weeks are always the hardest but pick yourself back up and find something that makes you happy! good luck!


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