Girls, Ex still in my life, what to do?

So it's been almost a year since the breakup with the ex. We ended on good terms and agreed to stay friends. Reason for breakup was cuz of long distance. Anyways we've been seeing each other often during the summer. And I've been really confused lately because I know there still feelings between us. He keeps putting his hands on me or finds some way to get close but when it comes to being friends there's a limit. He's the one always initiating the plans to hangout. I feel like he's playing me unintentionally but it's really making me feel sad. Because I was over him but not feelings are coming back. should I cut him out of my life even if I really care for our friendship? Idkkk


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  • Ask him what does he have in mind. Or better yet stop all communication. You too broke up for a reason


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