Ex girlfriend said she wants to be friends, yet blocks me after 6 days of not talking to her?

(6 days) ago, my ex and I had a talk on the phone where she was upset because I blocked her on social media, I told her it's because I can't help myself in texting her. She said, "well can't I just not talk to you for a month? You don't need to block me..." And I said no it's okay I'll just let you know when im ready." She then told me she wants to be friends and talk, I told her that was okay but not for a while. She told me a week ago that she started dating a tiny bit and not seriously and that she doesn't want anything serious, it bothered me to say the least but we talked every day before this, texting phone calls everything. We have been broken up for about two months and we dated for 5 years (17-22) she said she lost feelings for me during the relationship but she says we might date soon, sooner than a year (which is what she said previously) so after she told me about the other guys she dated, I didn't text her the rest of the night, then the next day (6days ago ( she texted me in the morning (hey are we still friends) then I blocked her on everything and she called me that night which is where it ties into my main question. So i told her that Ill let her know when Im ready and I want to be friends but I want my real friend back not someone flaky ( which is how she was before) and she told me she promised me it would be like that we'll be best friends we just need time that's all and we'll date again someday she just doesn't know when. So ever since that night I haven't spoken to her. Then 4 days after not talking to her she likes a couple pictures on my FB page, then blocks me the same morning.. on fb. (By the way I unblocked her the next day after our talk), she blocked me on Instagram 2 days after I stopped talking to her. Then today (day 6) she blocked me on Snapchat finally! I haven't texted her or anything and she hasn't posted anything on her account. Why is she blocking me all the sudden when she was so set on being friends before? What's she thinkin


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  • i wouldn't block, but would instead ignore her for a while. she seems to just be leading you on while you wait a d she dates other guys. after being together 5 years, it seems like she never cared since she's already seeing other people only 2 months post break up. she might have already been

    • I doubt she was seeing people before, but I agree, 2 months after the breakup she said she "casually" started dating a little, which shocked me to say the least. When we talked on the phone she asked if I had been on any dates or anything, being nosey, yet says that she thinks it would be good if I dated other people at the same time...

    • BY THE WAY EVERYONE, I was her first boyfriend, she went from 0-100 with me, we have done everything. She can be very dramatic and her friends dont like me, the main one she hangs out with, also seems like she partys a lot now, when before she didn't do anything of that stuff, it was just me and her everyday. We have hung out about 5 times since the breakup, each time was great except for the last, where she was being awkward because I was in a bad mood (stupid). We have broken up 3 times during our relationship (more of breaks) over the years because I spoke to another girl (didnt cheat, not even touched) and she came back every time... im changed and im not trying to manipulate her into a relationship, I only want it if its right. I am greatful for the breakup, it has helped me move on in my life and get out of being complacent.

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  • 1. Her feelings were probably hurt which is the risk when you tell someone you can't talk -- whether it's fair or not, her feelings matter to her.
    2. I bet her new boyfriend has done something to help her forget about you. 'Snooze, ya lose' as the saying goes.

    • I just noticed the part about you dating for 5 years. Move on. You tried & it did not work & she does not seem that invested in making things work. One side relationships are bad. Sorry

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    • Well I told her that I need time and Ill contact her when i'm ready, she is just respecting that space.

    • Also by the way... some of you may think this is weird, but we are step-cousins. Her uncle married my mom AFTER we started dating...

  • It seems like she wanted to have everything her own way and wanted to have you in her life still whilst dating other guys, and when it seemed to her that you had too much self-respect to just give in to what she wanted, she threw a tantrum and decided to have the last laugh by blocking you instead.
    I went through something like this with my most recent ex so it sounds like the same scenario to me.

    • What ended up happening?

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    • but to me, she wants to have her cake (space and other dates) and eat it too (me on the sideline)
      Id be willing to try again, if it was right, and not forced... Would love to be friends, we click like no other, its just so natural in everything we do. She begins to get nosey when we are just friends though, she was before at least, Im pretty sure she still has feelings because otherwise, she wouldn't give a flying sh#t.

    • well, were step cousins, not blood related, her uncle married my mom, after we started dating. So were always going to be in each others lives, which may be weird but Its true I dont like the drama or negativity. Im moving on with bigger and better things, I honselty wouldn't want her back right now, things just aren't right and my priorities have changed. I love her, but the time just isn't right you know, if we become friends, it will eventually become more though, thats just how it goes, thats happened more than once, even with a 3+ month break the first time we broke up, she dated someone else, then dumped him after 3 months and told him she still loves me. its not that im hoping to be with her ASAP, or want her back right now, im just sort of "postponing" to say my relationship status to nothing because I want a better job, move out, and go to school..

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