What should I do? I need advice. Please help?

I need advice on this situations please. There's this guy which we don't talk anymore... anyways I just found out he's engaged😩😭 and I'm soooo hurt I don't know what to do anymore. We were together in the same school we known each other for 3, 4 years and we fooled around we weren't in a relationship but it was kind of a situationship kind of thing but we never had sex. Anyways he started dating this girl and he was still messing with me. 3 months ago we got into an argument and he blocked me and since then we haven't talked. I know I should move on and I have but when I found out today he is engaged it hurts me so much because I fell for him I've been in love with him since the day I met him but I guess he doesn't care anymore... I just need some advice please on what to do I'm just lonley and I have nobody.


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  • If you love that guy, all you have to do is wish him luck.
    what happened between you two was a friendship and it wasn't really a relationship... I mean, that guy didn't promise you anything by the end of that relationship.

    I know you're hurt and I'm sorry, but you have to stop blaming yourself and accept what happened... you were a good friend, so the best thing you can do is wish your best friend luck.

    there's a thin line between love and friendship... put both of them in the right place and give yourself a chance to start over.

    Good luck...

    • No he promised me a lot that we were gonna be together and stuff. We were messing for years and he always hurt me.

    • even if he promised to fulfill your dreams, it won't change what happened.

      my ex kicked me so hard in the bottoms of my heart after a five year of a relationship... a lot of empty promises.
      I know what you're going through because I've had the same experience or worse... feeling lonely, blaming yourself, doubting yourself and even you don't want to hear the word MOVE ON.

      you need to look at your life with realistic... I mean, you can't add more days to your age, but I'm sure you can add more life to your days with patience, forgiveness and wisdom.

      I always thank God for what happened... I've got the ability to control my life and my priorities to think before I act and be patient before I rush.

      My message to you...
      don't lock yourself inside your pain and don't blame yourself for what you can't change... there might be a better chance with someone better or better life... that's why what happened has happened for a reason... there's always a positive side.

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  • Don't let it upset you. Try to be happy for him, and your pain will subside. I have no doubt that you will find your soulmate in the fullness of time, and when you do, you will know the difference.

  • if he didn't go for you, he doesn't deserve a girl as beautiful as you, who cares what he's doing, just move forward and you'll find someone who See's how special you are and loves you back

  • ❤ it'll be okay. You will find a guy just as good if not better, just a little patience.

  • Move on


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