Is it too soon to move on?

My boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago and I was only upset about it for about 2 days and then I realized during the end of relationship I stopped having the same feelings I had in the beginning. I didn't realize it until after we broke up because he is a nice kid and I enjoyed his company and I think one day in the future we can be friends but for now we cut off all connection we aren't texting, he blocked me on Facebook, and we aren't seeing each other and he goes to a different school so we won't see each other then either. But right now I mean I miss him as a friend because we were good friends before and we talked about everything but nothing more and I don't have feelings for him anymore but his Facebook status today said that he wasn't feeling any better about breaking up (my friend told me this since I can't see his profile) and yes he broke up with me but it was because he couldn't handle the relationship anymore and that's OK with me but I was wondering if it would be bad to move on so soon while my ex is still upset but I feel perfectly fine about the break up now? Not that I'm planning on getting a new boyfriend yet because I'm not but I mean just flirting with guys and trying to find maybe some new possible guys would that be bad?


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What Guys Said 1

  • NO

    it is absolutely fine...

    it all depends on you and your feelings...if you feel ready to flirt then go for it!

    there is not right time or wrong time with this ..

    somepeople take months...even a year to get over a previous relationship...

    if you got over it in 2 is something good...wish I could move on like that... XD

    anyways... it is ultimately your choice in this matter...

    it doesn't matter what others say about how you just broke up...its just you trying to enjoy life...

    if there is something I learned with past relationships and friends...its that relationships don't last long if it is not meant for marriage...and life is short so you gotta enjoy the little things

    :D hope that helped

    • Thanks! I just feel bad because I think he is still really hurt about it and I do care about him the same way I care about all my other friends

    • Then try to talk to his friends... its not like you are in the same class as him, so you can take your time in befriending your ex....time solves many things....but not try to talk to him in like 2~3 months....:D

What Girls Said 1

  • People find closure some more quickly than others, while others take a long time to move on. You realized that it was a good thing when you broke up, and are taking your time and having some fun. I would not take it to heart that he is feeling any better about breaking up, he may miss your company and the good times you had but it is in the past now. He broke from you and he is not in contact with you. I would only believe he wanted to be in contact with you, if he actually made the move himself. Changing ones status or putting notes up about your relationship means nothing. He is just expressing some sentimentality towards the past and is perhaps struggling a bit more than yourself in getting over it.

    You do need to move on with your life and meet new people and have fun. I would not look for a relationship just yet, as rebound ones seldom work.


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