Is it worth keeping in contact with an ex?

Just had a recent break up, found out my Girlfriend was talking to her ex and lying to me about several things, playing games etc. We are not together anymore I had to end it. She apologizes everyday for being a jack ass and wants to at least keep in touch and be friends. Should I be her friend? Or drop her like a sack of bricks? Pisses me off what she did, forget her? Or casually keep in touch with her?


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  • I find that the only way a friendship will work between past lovers is if, all emotions are controlled and you want nothing from them.

    It's really hard to "friend" an ex. Because you know each other so well and have a past, it's easy to go back to treating them like you used too. Not only that you always wonder if the other person could ever want more than friendship later on.

    I had the same question a few months back. I thought that staying friends with him would be harmless but it really didn't help me move on. Instead I found myself caught up in wanting to be a better person for him and not myself.

    I am gaining back my confidence and slowly learning what it is I want for my next relationship and what I am capable of giving. Although, me and the ex don't speak anymore, I know when we do, I will be past all this. So seeing him and being friends with him down the road is still an option. I'm all about doin me right now. Thinking of what is best for "us" and him is a thing of the past.

    This is one of the only times I will tell someone to be selfish. Be selfish in your decision and remember that if you don't think it will really benefit you in any way, Don't bother. It could be to soon for you two to get that type of relationship. Give it time. If she really wants your friendship, she'll understand.


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  • Well if she lied to you when you were dating, why should you trust her as your friend? Stand your ground with her and make sure she knows you're not playing her games anymore.

  • What good do you expect to come from keeping in contact with her? You're just going to prolong your hurt feelings and hinder your moving on.


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