I am so very attractive to a married man?

I think he is also attracted to me. He's always seeking me out, staring at my lips, jokes with me and walks by me all the time, out of his way really. I'm married too and have been completely faithful and trying not to let this bother me, but it;s such a strong attraction that I don't know what to do?


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  • Bring some spark into your marriage.Flirt with your husband,start going out on dates with your husband,if possible go on vacation with your husband,have more frequent sex with your husband.Try new things in bed.Reconnect and bring back the old spark.Is lust worth losing your marriage over?

    • Ugh how very predictable. Adultery is hotter than anything you'll ever get at goddamn home.

    • Great answer!

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  • This is why it's best not to get married. If you cheat, you have some 'splainin to do. If you don't cheat... Nothing particularly bad happens. But nothing particularly good happens either. You'll just have to play this one by ear. If you're super hot for him, it may well be worth the bickering and fighting back at home.

  • Ignore the attraction. If you let something happen, you've got two marriages you might wreck.

    • Marriages are made to be wrecked though. If not by acrimony, then by death.

    • A lousy proposition wright.

    • I have been totally ignoring it. Just not sure how to keep it going any longer.. I may need a new job.

  • Wait, so a married man finds you attractive... and you think he is attracted to you? Make up your mind. I think you need to change the title question?

    • Do try to be respectful of your elders Eddy.

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    • What are you talking about, your post doesn't quite make any sense.??

    • Yes it does, but only if you aren't retarded. You said:

      "I am so very attractive to a married man?"

      You also said:

      "I think he is also attracted to me."

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  • Keep your pants on, you're married and so is he. You're allowed to find other people attractive, you're not allowed to jump in bed with them

    • I think this kitten is just jealous of your sexual freedom.

    • I didn't mentin anything about jummping into bed with anyone. I merely was asking how to handle this situation. I have to work with him, yes, he is really nice looking and smart. I don't want to make a fool of myself by confronting him in the event I completely am wrong about this whole situation.

    • Well when you say you're attracted to a guy and he's attracted to you and you have do something about the situation then I'm going to assume you want to sleep with him otherwise there's no problem...unless you go through this process every time you find someone attractive in which case that'd just weird

  • redirect that attraction you feel with the other man, and turn it on your husband. flirt with your hubby. joke with him, smile at him, give your man the seductive smiles- create the relationship you really want to have with your husband. temptation is so easy to give into but its not worth it. you're married, he's married...you have too much to lose. acting on it would be the wrong thing to do. just be polite but curt with this guy, there is nothing good that can come out of this


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