Guys, is it true you get over girls faster than girls get over guys? does no contact mean you over your ex gf?

She hasn't heard from you unless she initiates. Does that mean you have forgotten about her? Or over her? When you walk away, do you want your ex girlfriend to chase you? How does it feel when your ex girlfriend is still hurting over you? Do you go back and fix it with friendship or just keep walking and never look back?


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  • In a study scientists find out that women have an higher emotional first response but shorter, while men tend to respond less nur longer. Its just a tendency. I missed my ex girlfriend for 3 years. I think its a thing of character and how much you love someone. The person who leaves you most times already has no more or less emotions than person got leavd

    • what do you mean men tend to respond less but longer.

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    • why not? we were best friends and lovers at some point. he is joking around when we text. he does not show he is missing me at all.

    • I can't say what he is feeling. But men are generally taught not to show weakness. Whole male social behavior is about dominance, respect and strength. Thats why men don't like to show emotions which are associated with weakness

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  • In all of my relationships I was over her before I dumped them. I remember them but don't think about them or have any interest in contacting them, I don't want them to chase me and if they did i would ignore them. If they're still hurting I can't say I care at all because they did it to themselves, I always walk and don't look back

    • my ex dumped after he got fired from work. we used to work together. then he kept crawling back to talk and cry. he was going to seek therapy after our breakup. we talked for 3 months after break up. two weeks ago, he walked away. now he told me he over me. we were together for 9 months and we were into each other. we had so many good memories. just like that he over me? he has nobody right now, he just has a lot going on.

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