Do I have a reason to be mad?

My girlfriend of a little over a month left to go to the beach early Saturday morning. She didn't even bother to check in with me that whole day. She's pretty much blown me off, she texted me hey this morning and that lasted about 3 texts when she said she'd text me I wait, and I end up asking her what's the deal around 10 tonight (I don't even know if she even was planning on texting me tonight). After hearing my first statement about the situation she said that she "cant do this right right now" and told me that everyone was asleep and that she'd text me in the morning.


Do I not have a legitimate reason to be angry with her? I mean I know she's on vacation and that's fine, but she couldn't even take a few seconds out of her day to check in with me.


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  • Nah, she's on vacation, she's doing her own thing, probably busy and having fun. You've only been together for a short amount of time. Unless this becomes an all-the-time kind of thing (she always blows you off), then I wouldn't worry about it.


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  • A little over a month? I would be worried if it was something like a year or two, but don't you think she should be crazy about you since the relationship is so new? I wouldn't breakup with her just yet, but to answer your question: yes, you have the right to be angry.


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  • loosen the leash, its only been a month. just realize she's still getting used to being ina relationship, if you force to much restraint on her shell fight back and break up with you maybe or think your clinngy or over protective.


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