Depressed Ex Did Me Wrong And I Dont Know Why? Your opinion?

My ex had serious depression. All throughout the relationship there was 2 things she would always tell me. She doesn't deserve me, and she is a self destructive person. by the 5th month of our relationship, she broke up with me. I was devastated. Our relationship was truly great throughtout. It came out of no where.

A day after our break up, she texted me a long message telling me why she did it. Long story short, she basically said, its not my fault. That I did nothing wrong. I was the greatest boyfriend she has had. She just needs to get her head together and that my life will be a lot better without her.

3 weeks into our break up, I dropped her off to school, went back to her place and decided to hack into her fb to find the answers I need. Now I know that sounds crazy since we was already broken up, but I needed answers. It turns out that she was in fact telling the truth because she told all her friends what she told me and for that I was relieved, BUT i dug a little deeper and got extremely hurt. Literally a week after we broke up, she smashed a COMPLETE stranger. That hurt. Then I found out she was starting to mess with a guy that throughout our entire relationship, she KNOWS I didn't like because one, he might have stole from me and he was an dick to her before we dated (She use to have a crush on him and they had sex). So that hurt. And in the messages it just seemed like she did not give a F*** about me or how I felt. It sucked. Also she was telling all her friends that he was the only person she really has. She could talk to him about anything. That hurt so much because me being her boyfriend all this time, how was he the person closest 2 you?

I asked her what did I do to deserve this. She said I did absolutely nothing, and she just does things. She said she doesn't know why. She told me she couldn't give me an answer.

Can someone please explain her behavior? How does one with self destructive behavior justify this? How do they think. I just don't know?
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This is also the short version. I couldn't type in everything because of the letter cap. lmao
Depressed Ex Did Me Wrong And I Dont Know Why? Your opinion?
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