Text from ex, but I'm seeing someone else, why did all these thoughts and emotions come back?

I was in a relationship with my ex for a few months. Things were really good until he went through some things. He eventually broke up with me and It was a shock to everyone. After that I still talked with him for the next year and we had sex. He was up and down on what he wanted with everything and very confusing although I always wanted him. Eventually he started seeing someone so I stopped talking to him immediately. Found out it was his ex girlfriend. I started talking to someone I work with. A really nice guy, way younger than me. We have things in common and he's fun to hang with but I always find myself yelling at him for doing something dumb. I guess its the age.
Anyway I had to work with my ex past few weeks it was awkward but I pretended I was fine. Last night his birthday He texted me randomly. I was going to text too just to say happy birthday. He invited me to his shore house for a get together. I didn't go so he said another night. I am not sure his intentions as I think he just broke up with his girlfriend too and especially if it is a party with people I know around wouldn't that be weird? Anyway as that text came in a million thoughts flew through my head. I still really care for him, so I don't even know what he wants or what he's thiking. Is it bad to be thinking these thoughts when I am seeing someone else


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  • No but it's bad for you to be talking to an ex at all


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