Relationship issues?

So I was going to her friend for advice cause we were having problems in our relationship and she got upset we were talking and made us cut it off nothing ever happened she just was uncomfortable about us being friends so she ends up adding one of my friends to her social media and ends up eventually flirting with him they start exchanging nude photos they never meet in person or phone conversation or nothing she claims she did it to hurt my feelings cause I was ignoring her and made her feel unwanted she eventually told me what she did and apologize and wanted to work on us i gave her respect for at least telling me while why snake of a friend said nothing I get she's was upset about me discussing our problems with her friend but she knows I wasn't sexual with her I feel like she should have never did this with some one so close to me even if they never had sex or meet in person I felt like if she could do that and smile into face she can't love me I know people make mistakes i wonder is this something that can be worked past and forgiving now I was nt no angel but i would never try anything with no one close to her such as a friend or family


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  • I think she's shady. if she really loved you and just wanted to get back at you, that's not the way to do it. Seems to me like it may have started platonic but she probably adopted feelings somewhere along the way. I wouldn't trust it.

    • Well she didn't have sex or meet in person so I don't know

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    • But I still watch her like a hawk and she has to earn my
      Trust and respect back

    • hey would you please accept my follow request and allow me one chance to chat thats all i ask xx

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  • while I agree that she had no right to do that to you, you guys have both made mistakes and I really hope you can work them out.

    if she isn't feeling appreciated or wanted then that is also a big problem. And for you to discuss your issues with her friend when she feels neglected is not cool.

    I'd definitely suggest couples counseling so you two can work past your issues. If you guys can both work together to rebuild trust and make eachother feel valuable I'm sure that would have an amazing impact on your relationship.

    • Do u think it's fixable

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    • it's okay to be hurt of course... but try and turn your emotions into something productive and positive

    • Thnks for
      That cause I was feeling what u just said and she could have went and fucked my friend but didn't so I have to give her the benifit of a second chance

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  • I don't think she loves you if she did she wouldn't have hurt you like that

    • Do u think people make dumb mistakes and learn from them and she could have actually had sex with the guy be didn't and told me herself what she did and wasn't lying about it

    • I mean yea I do feel like people make mistakes in their life sometimes but that was messed up for her to do that if you weren't doing anything wrong

  • Wow. Pitiful reasons to do that to you.


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