Still in love with my ex?

I am still Loving my ex but now she is in another relationship. whenever I see her or her photo, I am saddened. should I try for a patch up, but she already said she is not willing. I am confused


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  • I think you should move on because she has. Maybe you two can have something in the future, but right now you're just keeping yourself in misery and if you do that, you're never going to get over her simply because you're not allowing yourself to do so. There are millions upon millions of women around you. Ask one of them out.

    • I've tried to move on but something still pulls me back into this. any ideas on how to approach girl for a day out

    • The same way you approached your first girlfriend? I don't know if you guys do much online dating in India so I'm not sure how things work exactly. I manage a customer support team in India, but it sounds to me like all of them were set up with their mates. Like they didn't go out or date a girl from college and instead were sort of put together by friends and family. However, if you were an American, I would say that you should open an online dating profile and start messaging women.

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