Ex contacted me after almost 2 months NC?

broke up with my first boyfriend last month because of the way he treated ne after not giving him a BJ, also sexually assaulted me. Was becoming more pressuring. He's 24 and I'm 19. First guy I opened myself up to since 2010. He knows about my dysfunctional family, past assault, and my anxiety. I Besides that, he was becoming disrespectful and dishonest. He last told me that he would distance himself from me so he wouldn't hurt me anymore. I tried my best to work on this relationship because of the feelings I had for him. I was there for him throughout his first semester of grad school. And he would always tell me how I made him happy, how I'm different, blah blah. So the breakup was hard.

Last saw him three weeks ago at a concert with a girl. He stared at me for some time. His new girl and him were dancing, flirting. The girl even smiled at me. This hurt me so bad. The fact that he had already had a rebound pained me. After this happened, I blocked him on Twitter and removed him from my Snap.

So yesterday, I was checking my email and I have a texting app. It said that he had texted me, "Hey how are you..." So many things are going through my head. I'm guessing either his rebound failed, he wants a friendship, he's lonley, he realized what he did, etc. I do NOT want to get hurt again because last month freaking sucked. A part of me wants to reply, but then a part of me wants to leave it. If he sincerely apologized, then I would see but I'm confused.
Ex contacted me after almost 2 months NC?
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