Guys, have you been the dumper? What were the reasons you dumped a girl you still love?

What did you do after break up? Go no contact? If yes, what were you going through dealing with the break up? Did you get over it right away? Let's say she is your first real love, your first sexual experience or the best you ever had? You had good memories but also had bad. But you had to walk away from her to protect yourself because of arguments and she has a lot of stress going on with her and she is taking it out on you and herself. How do you deal with her when she reaches out? Do you cut her off? Or do you act nice? Do you hook up with another girl or girls? How will she know you over her if you claimed you did love her very much in your relationship? You guys had a tight relationship, best friends/lovers at the same time.


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  • I've dumped a girl I still loved. She was basically asexual and it was slowly killing me. I should have broken up with her much sooner. The longer we were apart the more I regretted ever dating her. She never reached out.

    • my ex never regretted ever dating me ever. he said he enjoyed every moment and he was very happy. but we were just always fighting although even after break up, he did reach out many times until he finally walked away from me when it was taking a toll on him coz he has a lot of shit going on with him too. i did reach out to him coz he kept the lines open for both of us. but he told me yes he is over me when I asked him a week after he walked away. it broke my heart. but how can he just get over me just like that when he invested more than i ever did on the relationship.

  • I never ditched my girlfriend,

    She did, and right after that i tried to know the same psychological answer to this act,

    You see, ditching someone is never a mistake, its always a decision one made consciously ,

    Though there are times people claim that they ditched but they still love you, may be they do but not more than their other wants.

    But it the relationship was, all loving from. The your side., the person who ditches his/her actions are all almost always based on guilt

    If they are guilty theyll talk yo you nicely if not they'll ask you to buzz off.

    Lastly but importantly breakups are hard, especially when you love someone a lot and get something unexpected in return,

    People are assholes you deserve better,
    Moving on is hard, but eventually you have to.


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