Why would my boyfriend that I live with, Cheat on me with girls on tinder?

We've been dating for over a year! I'm torn apart and it's been 3 weeks since I found out... they didn't meet up but... he asked to cuddle :(
And he cried when I found out!


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  • OMG he asked to cuddle? Did he really? What an arsehole!

    • Sarcastic?

    • Haha you reckon!

    • Ok now serious answer. Yes I'm sure you would prefer he didn't engage with girls on tinder if he's you're boyfriend but asking them to cuddle hardly constitutes cheating. Girls are very touchy, feely and love cuddling guys and girls alike. It often can still be as platonic friends so calm down and just let him know you're disappointed he is on tinder. And possibly think about getting a new boyfriend if you're unsure if he'll avoid tinder from now.

  • I don't know about the cuddle part, but he cried. what a bitch. couldn't even own up to it.


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