She is playing games. Why?

Broke up 3 months ago. Went straight into no contact. She didn't see so happy about it and expected me to chase.

she's been on this hot and cold cycle. Friendly one day cold the next. I always kept my distance as we see each other at the gym a lot.

Last Friday, she had her bag next to mind and she kinda commented about me having my shirt off giving a show for everyone. I decided to keep things light for once. I said the show was for her. She said that wasn't very nice in a playfully manner. On top of that, she seemed to chase me quite a bit around the gym.

Tuesday, she becomes super cold. Keeps her distance and still keeps her bag next to mine. Super friendly to everyone but me. Brought my friend in that she had met when we were together and said hi to him.
then I saw her last night, and asked me why I never say hi to her. Stares at me throughout the day and stuff.

why is she play this game?


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