How can I win him back?

so me and my ex was together for almost 2 years and was broken up for a number I gave out to a club promoter just to be on the VIP list since we were fighting at the time...3 months later getting a text from the promoter asking to go to a BBQ...he freaked out accusing me of cheating and kept saying I lied and he keeps using that excuse to be single...we have broken up for a month and we still hang out and around his family and friends he still acts and introduces me as his girlfriend...which I don't understand...last week I spoke to a couple of my gfs and had ask for there advice and they had told me to ignore him and he will miss me and come back...which I did and he called me and acts all this weekend past by and so I thought things were going back to how they were so today he called me to go swimming and we did...and we hung out all day like we were when we were dating...then he still says nothing has change and I f*cked up and I don't deserve another chance...what is wrong with him...he is confusing me mixed signals...does he want me back or not...what should I do..i don't want to leave him if I know he still loves me? what should I do?is he using the excuse to be single and still have me around? is he just mad and have trust issues...if yes what should I do to earn back his trust? am I just a booty call? is he doing this to prove a point? please help and tell me what should I do to win him back?


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  • It does sound as if you are a 'friend with benefits' which isn't a nice place to be. If you have feelings for him and he is using it to his advantage. He is happy with what he is doing but the fact that he is introducing you to others as his girlfriend and then on the other hand says nothing has changed, strikes me he is keeping up a pretence for his own benefit.

    You should drop him and not contact him anymore. You deserve someone far better than him.

    I wouldn't waste my time trying to get him back. He is not worth it. He is just self serving.


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  • Hes enjoying the single life while still having the fruits of a relationship. i.e he's enjoying the best of both worlds

    I mean technically if you found out he took another girl on a date there isn't much you could say as your not actually together..

    if you want to resolve your situation your going to have to make a choice and ask him to make one aswell


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  • It doesn't sound like he's just using you as a booty call, otherwise he wouldn't still hang around you and introduce you as his girlfriend. What it does sound like is that he still loves you but can't forget what happened, and every now and then he remembers why he's angry and gets angry at you again. The only thing you can do is tell him that you love him, but you want to know where you stand. Tell him your not interested in anyone else and that his reasons for getting angry aren't justified. If it doesn't make him forget it, then call his bluff. When he says he's nothings changed, don't contact him, let him contact you. When he asks you to hang out tell him your sick of being stringed along, and that he either forgives you, or you can't be together. If he really loves you he will choose you, unless he is to stubborn to admit he is wrong, then it could backfire.


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