She told me our religious differences wouldn't work out but I can't help feeling like its something else?

Last week, my (now ex) girlfriend and I had a conversation about religion. she's a devout Christian and goes to church regularly and stuff. I've been baptised as a child and my family is religious but being a science student, I can't believe in something I can't prove. I told her that its highly probable that there is a higher being/power, but I wouldn't put my faith in it unless I can prove it. But that said, I told her I'm always open to learning about religion and I respect her beliefs. I would always support her religious beliefs and practices and open to the idea. She told me that's fine.

I had to leave town the next day and we didn't talk much. The next day, I noticed our Snapchat streak ended because she never sent me a snap back. We've kept our streak going from the day we met to when we started dating and it meant a lot to both of us

I figured something was wrong and I asked her to snap me anyways and maybe we'd be able to recover it. She changed the topic and basically refused to snap me. I was a bit worried and we didn't talk much. Later that day, I messaged her telling her I loved her and I was scared of losing her and I hoped everything was okay. She told me she loved me too

That night, she messaged me telling me our timing was off but she still loved me. She eventually told me she wanted to break up. I kept asking her what was wrong but she wouldn't tell me. After hours and hours, she finally said it was because she "had a relationship with God and she needs someone who does too". She told me she knew we would run into problems in the future because of this. I told her we once made a promise to each other to always fight and never give up on us. We could give it a shot and try but she said no

I can't help feeling the religion part of it was just an excuse. I keep feeling like there might be some other factor but she says thats all it is. I feel like it was way too sudden. She would have told me how she felt about religion if that really was the issue
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Also, she refused to snap me also seemed suspicious. As well as her not telling me the reason and just kept telling me it was the timing. I feel like she might've met someone else/fell out of love with me and use the timing thing as an excuse and when I wasn't satisfied with it, she came up with the religion excuse


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  • Seems like someone important to her in her life (parent, sibling, priest maybe) has mentioned something that has stirred doubts in her mind.

    Talk to her about her real reasons why. It may actually be that she can never reconcile your religious differences, but you ought to find out more.

    • She just mentioned that a close family friend recently passed away and I feel like that may have have something to do with it.

      I feel like there definitely was some other reason. She may have an issue with my religious beliefs but I told her I do think they're might be a higher power and although I don't practice, Id be willing to support her beliefs. She's not the type of person who would just break up without an explanation and I feel like if it honestly was religion, she would have talked to me about her concerns and we would've made the decision together.

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