Why does she feel like I am the only one that can fix the relation ship?

this is past tense but drives me nuts, so I got to ask. long story short it was 15yr relationship and when it went south it was like she sat up on a high horse and just judged my efforts. we would see a counselor and as soon as it turn to her she would bail. I would say it takes two but the response was always "your the man, you have to fix the relationship. WTF


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  • I believe relationships are a two way street, it's not up to just one of you to fix it, it takes both because you need to communicate to solve issues, you can't do it alone. Perhaps it's because she felt she did nothing wrong and that's why she said you fix it, which is not right because as I said it's a two way street

    • you are correct on the thought of never doing anything wrong. even felt justified when she cheated.

    • Well I don't understand how cheating is ever justified because there is no excuse for it. Seems to me as though she felt she could do absolutely no wrong and would simply blame you rather than admiring fault.

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  • Maybe you and your partner are putting too much pressure on you.


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  • Lots of people don't like to acknowledge their own mistakes. She sounds like an entitled bitch: if you two do split up you'll probably be better off for it.

    • its over, just still can't understand the thought process.

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