Yo Girls, wha hurt more? Seein your boy date some1 else on social media or gettin randomly unfriended by Yer boy?

We don't talk no mo since 3 months ago.. she still post tacky status updates about me n gruff-she mad at me, liking pics of better lookin dudes tryna make me jealous. (tho she da one who ended it by ignorin.. she claims I "ignored her" tho I still texted her after a week, she's way insecure) What'd hurt more? me updated my relationship status on purpose to "In a rel'ship" wit no info on who it is? Or just unfriend her w/o warnin.


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  • I think unfriend it might be different if you had photos or the name of a girl there but because that wouldn be the case she doesn't have anything to compare herself to where as unfriending is more personal.


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