So I'm pregnant & my baby daddy & I broke up bc he got wasted & cheated on me plus I saw a text where he said he liked the girl. How to move on?

So I'm trying to move on & get over him bc he saw no problem still talking to the girl & we BOTH decided to break up bc he wasn't sure what he wanted (to be single, relationship, whatever) so I thought he was good on breaking up. So I'm 17 weeks pregnant with our baby & at first he was sooo on board for like the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy & then he went on vacation & everything changed. He got wasted, cheated, hung out with his brothers AND like three girls & just did things he'd never do. So I told him I'm not gonna take the baby out of his life & I will update him on baby & we agreed to be friends. I wasn't expecting him to wanna be friends RIGHT THEN! He keeps calling & texting & trying to wonder what's up with us& if we're really over. I told him that I don't think it's a good idea to be talking everyday like we used to. So I told him to only call or text about baby. So he was calling me calling me & CALLING ME! he said he's been trying to ask about the baby so I called him back , & he asked how my appointment went (I had already told him earlier that day) & he was asking again that night so I told him & then he tried to talk about us & I let him know that I'm doing good & it wouldn't be healthy for me to get back with him so he got upset & told me to take care & he hung up. Yesterday, I told him that we shouldn't talk on the phone either bc I'm still vulnerable & I said just text me if u wanna know about the baby. He said ok but he did not listen lol! He called me late last night & was texting me that he had a question. & he asked me if he could be on the certificate & if baby names we picked would stay the same. I texted back & then he got to talking about us again. I didn't reply & then he called me & left a voicemail saying he needs to talk to me when he gets off work. He told me to text him & let him know if we can talk or not. I didn't text him. & didn't call back. I'm trying to get over him but he keeps calling/texting me. Would contact be good or no?


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  • To be honest with you. You should stop contacting him for now and focus on your child. Get counseling and work towards letting go. It's harder because you are pregnant with his child and you have a connection to him because of the child. That will never fade. But you have understand why doing what you did with him unmarried will leave your child crushed. That's why you wait. To protect you, him and the child. To continue to be a family. And now you're another broken family. If you knew he had an issue, why did you date him, let alone become sexual with him? You have to start thinking about your future sexual choices now and what is best for your child and not on him. If he wanted to make things right, he should have thought about this before getting drunk and sleeping with somebody else.

    But if he is willing to take care of his child, then just leave it like that. Let him know what he needs to know and leave it at this. He just feels guilty he did what he did and that is why he is behaving like that.

    • Ur 100% right girl forreal. But that's the thing, he SHOCKED me! He's not a party boy! He only got like that around his brothers. He only party's when he's with them & that's only like a couple/few times a year bc they live in different states. Yes he is definitely feeling guilty. But yes I didn't know he was a drinker that gets so blackout drunk that they don't even remember cheating & stuff! He would get drunk & just dance around but never cheat or anything like I was really shocked! & he promised me he wouldn't get drunk cuz he has a family to come home to smh. It's like he's realizing what he had

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    • That was a sign. Red flags show up all the time. It was a sign it was going to end sooner or later.

    • WOW!! Thank u so much!

  • no contact unless it's about finances or the baby. you're too good for him. dont let this fool give you an STD.

    • Lol oh We definitely aren't having sex. He tried to "make love one last time" & I had to come to my senses like nooo u can't do this. I almost did tho bc I was the one that got on top of him (I was clothed) but then we got undressed & I was like "I can't do this".

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