What should I do? any help?

i left my girlfriend about a month ago, because she cheated on. now she say sorry and beg me to be together again ! what should i do ! i hate here now but i don't want to hurt her ! i am not a bad person so i just want to ignore her but without making her upset ! is that possible or i just have to be rude with her because of what she did! if you were me what would you do?


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  • tell her youl see her for coffee in a public place and then you tell her that this is about your own self respect and self discipline. she had a fair and good chance with you and make her understan that you can stay friends and thats it and tell her you hope she's learnt her leason to never ever cheat again and if she's manipulating an crying and stuff just tell her apology accepted but you guys are friends only and then you leave

  • just tell her you don't wanna if you're not interested. hopefully she'll understand and not let out the air from your tires spray paint a cuss word on your windshield in blood red and set your car on fire.

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  • If she REALLY means that she is sorry. You should try another time, however be cautious of her. Meaning that you have to make sure that she is with you for most of he time during your outing when you go to the club/party. again up to you. because after the first time I (ME) would be REALLY on her tail!


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