How do I move on?

So I was with this guy for four years and it was but during the relationship he would lie to me and message other girls. He also had their name under male names to hide them from me. This went on and off for four years during. Just after our four year anniversary I had a mental breakdown as I found out he was hanging out with my best friend whilst I was at university, naturally this panicked me due to his past lying. A guy friend kissed me when I was opening up to my worries and I panicked and told my boyfriend straight away. We broke up but remained friends. To get my attention they would crash their cars, self harm, text/ring me constantly and stalk me, obviously I was scared so I tried to help them, losing myself in the process. My ex and best friend still hung out, (my ex said he wanted to get back together and my best friend was in love with me) so I was confused and felt myself going back into the depression. Out of loneliness I invited the other guy to my place at university after hanging out with our other friend, for a week he used me for sex in my uni room. Thankfully I managed to get out of it but I didn't know how to process it. One night I saw my best friend and ex and they asked me what was wrong so I simply said, "we slept together, I felt pressured." And didn't tell them anything else that went on. During this time I was cutting. The next day they were throwing around the word "rape" which shocked me. Long story short they believed his version of the story instead of mine and accused me of accusing him of rape, which I didn't, I just said it was a mistake. Even though another friend of mine admitted he had pressured her into things in their two year relationship. Me ex and best friend have cut me off and got together on the day he cut me off. I feel so betrayed and angry, I am with someone now who is amazing and supportive, but I can't get past the fact the two close people in my life believed someone they hated over me.


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