Have you ever had a feeling like your ex was trying to make you jealous?

Have you ever had a feeling like your ex was trying to get you back by making you jealous? If so, have you reached out to them and tried to get them back? And did you fail because they said they were happy with their new partner?


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  • Yes, my ex and I both tried to make each other jealous. I posted pics on social media with the new guy whom I was seeing and I tried to make it look like I was having a damn good time. He also did it to me by flirting with girls in front of me in person during class.

    We both have reached out to each other. I regret reaching out on my part, I feel like I should've left things alone because it's holding me back from moving on. Honestly, if they have someone new in their life, it's just time to let go. I didn't fail, but I knew that I had other opportunities with people and I wasn't going to waste it over one guy.

    • my problem is that she still keeps giving me looks when she sees me

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    • There will be other girls out there, trust me. Like I said, just don't acknowledge her and with the passage of time, you will get over her and find someone new.

    • okay, thanks :)

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  • My ex used and controlled another guy just to make me jealous even though the other guy liked her for real.
    But I took him for a walk and told him everything and what kind of person my ex was.
    Now he and I are good friends


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  • Yes, but failed, once an ex, I barely care anymore


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