Ex is territorial?

My ex dumped me a few months ago. He is super into baseball and loves supporting our major league team. I was never really a fan until I met him but now I love it too! Well he gets really bent out of shape if I go to the local bar with all of our friends who he's also gotten into it and heaven forbid should I actually attend a game (he goes to every home game). He won't talk to me about it but complains to our friends and is coming to conclusions that I'm doing this out of spite. I'm not. I never sit in his section at games and if I know he's at the bar I go to a different one to watch. He just feels like this is "his thing" but I'm the only one he takes issue with. Is there anything I should do to make him see how irrational he is being?


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  • Take a look at the article I wrote on this very thing:


    Now you can see what a programmed robot he really is!

    • Thanks for that! I'm certainly not trying "out fan" him :). But how should I proceed?

    • My girlfriend has one or two beers a week and maybe a glass of wine. We know another woman who does maybe 2 bottles of wine a day every day. Just like booze, some people are happy with a few positive hormone flows a week while others have to get their next fix soon, every day. It's like a chemical addiction supported by gambling. He has to be always challenging other males in these bragging rights scenarios. So you want to humiliate him, are you just chasing your own hormone flow fix?

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  • He's your X. Does that give him any right to decide where you can't go?

    As long as you really are not going there to be in his face, then it's his problem. I don't need to know...you do.

    If he doesn't like it, perhaps HE needs to find someplace else to be. Obviously there are some unresolved issues.

    Sounds a bit childish if you ask me.

    Out of curiosity who's idea was the breakup?

    • It was his idea and it really hurt and wasn't at all what I wanted. But I've respected his decision and haven't contacted him in anyway since the week of the break up. I am 100% not doing it to hurt him. If our mutual friends know I'm there I ask them not to tell him so that there is no pressure and he can enjoy himself, and I too.

  • Territorial? I thought animals only got that way...

  • ET was an extra terrestrial.


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