Name one person you wished you never met and shouldn't have wasted your time with? and Why?

"I wished you came with a preview, so I did not have to waste my time and life with you. "


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  • One person who comes to mind, just one, and I don't know whether I wish I'd never met them, I really really don't. I need to do a few things before I can know for sure, I hate the confusion/uncertainty of it all and fear the likely outcome, be glad you aren't me at the moment!
    She's a certain someone in my life who won't be in it anymore, or so I understand. I need to investigate, I really do

    Who've you had problems with? Beyond resolution?

    • my last ex. :(

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    • And he's got a new person in his life? Be glad you weren't with him particularly long in the scheme of things, maybe you won't be feeling this way for too long
      I've wanted someone now for longer than I'd like to say, a lot longer than you were with your boyfriend

    • no he is still single. he said he's not looking either.

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  • Just ONE?
    Oh come on!
    I know tons of people i wish I'd have never met.

    • ok fine name them all lol

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    • oh wow :/ sorry about that. are you doing something about the bullying?

    • something else than Escaping reality into games and random chats?

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