Troubles with guy after break up?

Hey guys, I have a little trouble with one guy after break up. I really like him and I know he needs space but I am pretty confused about him. One day he is flirting so warm he is waiting for me in the gym, still around, smiling. When I left the gym he straight followed me. But today? I met him in the gym and everything was ok, he looked at me, we flirted a bit but after he just changed! He looked at me and when I looked at him back he just started to do his workout and after all, he started overlooked me! Absolutely!! I tried to look at him but he absolutely ignored me! So I left the gym what he saw and after 20 minutes he gave me lift to home... I am just confused! And when I was at home he sent me a song but nothing more! No response nothing! ... He is a bit shy but still... he plays the hot and cold game. Plus I told him that I don't want to be friend with him and I ended our dating etc... and he is back again? Is it normal? Because he makes me so confused. He deleted photos with ex 2 weeks ago after when I ended dating with him.
What do you think to be patient with him or just let him go. I like him because he is not bad but so confusing for me.


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  • Let it go and out of sight, out of mind


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