What does my "ex" really want?

So he really isn't an ex because I wasn't ready to make it official... but we were dating for a few months. Okay well I would say we had a pretty clear break up, he told me he was sorry it was over (you know the whole thing) I obviously was heartbroken, and he seemed perfectly fine, as what's to expect. Well I tried moving on and he would jump back in and message me on SC or just randomly FT me, well I decided to stop that and it had been a few weeks that he didn't message me. Well about 10 days ago I had him as a streak and he sent me a video of a sad song playing, of course I was confused because it had been months. Well like 3 days later we had a brief conversation on SC and he acted like a dick. I decided to end my streak with him because I didn't want to have much communication. He's always the first to watch my snapchats, and he never likes my IG pictures. 3 days ago I posted a picture and I see a notification that he liked a picture but when I went into IG it was gone. I wonder if he was stalking. So what does he really want, I'm trying really hard to move on, I'm talking to a new guy but just something has me still thinking about him. I know for sure I don't like him but I just don't know, he probably doesn't feel anything for me either but yeah 🤷🏻‍♀️


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  • If he's the one that broke it up with you, you don't have to stay in contact with him at all. Just don't even contact him, and give him brief answers if he messages you. He has no right to be in your life after he broke your heart.

  • Soudns like teenage bullshit.

    I would worry about what he wants, because he probably has no idea himself. The same is probably true for yourself.


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