Okay, so I have a situation I need advice one with my girlfreind?

Me and my girlfriend meet online and we are a long distance relationship.

well 2 weeks into the relationship I found out she was dating her ex and he was living with her.

I forgave her cause she said she will pick him over me. and she did. she did keep her promises and showed me actions she was wanting to be with me. everything was good until recently.

I have noticed she has been on Facebook in another call with someone I don't know all day. once I get off the phone with her she is straight in another call. facebook tells you when you call someone and there in another call.

so I have tired to text her all day but she says she has been selling things on facebook all day. having people call her.

now it's hard to trust her and I have talked to her about it and she got all angry. I asked her if she was cheating and she said no.

but ahe cheated on me before. she said she never did anything with her ex that was living with her cause it wasn't right.

well today I tried to see if she cared if I went to a party with some friends. she didn't. she even said if I cheated on her she will give me props. she wouldn't even be mad. when I call her ahe always in another call and when I text her it takes her hours to replay.

should I drop it off with her?


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  • She's telling you she doesn't care if you cheat?
    Yeah, the magics gone


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