Any tips on being friends with your ex?


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  • I actually recently just ended a friendship with my ex (It lasted for 3 months lol). Why? Well I eventually started to like someone. And my ex still had a sexual attraction to me and during our friendship, would often flirt and say things that you shouldn't say to just a friend. I told him straight up that we can't be friends anymore since I like someone now and they would feel uncomfortable that we would still be communicating and HIS future partner would possibly feel the same way. So we wished each other the best and said goodbye. That's how breakups should be done. No matter how much you dislike the person, ending on good terms and walking away is one step to moving on with your life. So don't try to be friends with your ex.. because you both felt something (whether it be emotional or physical) and you may always still have that being friends which makes things WEIRD and your future partner wouldn't like it at all if you still talked to your ex. It's a bit disrespectful anyways. The best thing to do is to say goodbye and just be friendly acquaintances to one another.


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