Should I break up with him?

I don't want some sort of sentimental answer.

But lve been dating this guy for some time and the majority of his friends do NOT like the idea of us being together. They're all close friends with his ex and absolutely adore her, and as an honest answer I can see why. She's gorgeous, and quite honestly perfect for him. I never pressed my boyfriend on why they broke up, but his answer was always around the lines that they just didn't get along. However, they're still good friends and everything. They go to church together, still like each other's instagram pictures, and that's pretty much it

Except, this bothers me a lot. I know they shouldn't "matter" but they do in some degree. They're a big part of his life and I don't really want to take that away from him in the long run. It's also taking a huge toll on me. Advice?
Should I break up with him?
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