Ex Boyfriend ignores me at common outings, and always run away to leave. Why is that when I have moved on and could care less?

I just don't get it, I noticed that sometimes my ex and I encounter one another. End up at the same spot, now I have honestly moved on and don't mind being cordial, but he takes it to a new level. He literally goes to run out towards the other way as if he scared of me, it's weird. I just continue on and enjoy myself, I don't see why he doesn't do the same πŸ€”. We're ex's not enemies. On top of this, one night I was at a mutual bar, we have mutual friends. I went in, he walked out, I thought he was leaving, do you know he sat outside the whole time I was there with my husband, and then he pulled off after us and followed us. Very weird. I just want to know what you think is his problem, because I'm thinking he might be crazyπŸ€”


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  • He's not moved and and cares :P

    • He's married. I just think it's very weird. And it's becoming irritating like get over it dude. I know he and his wife are separated now, but they didn't make it to a year before he starting living somewhere else. How do I know. Well, I was pursued by his brother which is now my husband 😁. Just fyi. We only talked for about a month before he decided to run off and marry his ex, so I don't get it. My husband says it's because he thought he could come back and marry me, but hubby said he wasn't letting me go, that I was a once in a lifetime. I'm so happy and in love with my husband, but this is crazy. He has even threatened to hurt my husband. They fought a few weeks ago, and somehow I guess from following us, found out where we live. I know. drama and crazy, but we are family now and he needs to get over it. Ijs. For all our sakes.

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    • Haha well that might piss him off more, best to avoid in my opinion

    • Thanks! Will do. But seriously it was the best decision of my life and I dodged a bullet , I am really forever grateful πŸ˜€

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