Should I have waited to contact ex girlfriend?

I'm 24 and dated this college freshman for eight months. She broke up with me as she said I sexually pressured/assaulted her, dishonest, and didn't care about feelings. I was her first boyfriend and she has anxiety/family issues. I regret because I got mad for her not giving me oral. One of the things I believe that was hard was she was a virgin, and I wasn't.
We broke up last month. I told her I would keep my distance so I wouldn't hurt her anymore. I am now seeing another girl, and my ex saw me with her three weeks ago at a social event. I'm guessing that hurt even more because she blocked me on Twitter.
I do miss her. She was intelligent, beautiful, and caring. I somewhat regret. I texted her three days ago, "hey how are you..." No reply... I don't know if it was too soon. I know she and her family must hate me.


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  • You shouldn't contact her at all

    • Why not at all?

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    • Yeah but we still have each other on Snap. I know she did that because of what happened.

    • Don't contact her

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