Has he already moved on? Will we ever get back together?

So my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years who I lived with for two years with his younger brother and his friend (all boys), decided to break up with me about a month ago (on the same day his brother got engaged).

He had told me that he was unhappy for over a year and that he needed to work on himself and couldn't work on the relationship as well. That was pretty much what I got out of him. He said he had issues that he couldn't discuss with anyone. One issue he did tell me was the fact that we didn't have sex for such a long time really ruined his ego and confidence.

So the interesting part is the place we were renting and the utility bills are all in my name. He had offered to make the living room into a makeshift bedroom for himself so I could stay there. I said that wouldn't work. Then he offered to move out. I said that it would be really awkward living with his friends so the only option was for me to move out. He said he would help me move. He just wanted things to be as fair as possible.

Well we tried to have one last night together, cuddling and watching a movie. Unfortunately, I kept bawling my eyes out every couple of minutes. At one point, he was bawling too saying he was so sorry and didn't know what to do.

Anyway, I basically left the house the next day and would come back every couple of days to grab clothes. (He was only there once and was acting normal trying to ask how work went. It took me forever just to look at him. Then I told him it hurt to look at him right now and I couldn't do this. He flopped backwards on the bed and I left.)

Then about a week later, I decided to take a vacation to FL for a week to get away. When I came back, I decided I needed to get my stuff out of there (as we had been broken up 2 weeks then)

So, I moved out. He left for work in the morning and came back in the PM. He offered to help, but just seemed really awkward the whole time. He did eventually help load a few things into the car. He warned me to drive slow as it would take longer to break. He said the same to my friends as well. He had asked my friends where we were going too.

Throughout the break up, he basically hasn't contacted me at all, and the only time I contacted him was through mass text to everyone at the house saying that I would be by to pick up money owed for the utilities on such and such a day. (Still working on things being transferred over, but that's a different story).

Well now it's been a little over a month with very little contact. (I had said that the night we broke up that I needed to have no contact for awhile).

I do check his facebook from time to time. He still has us as friends. I discovered today that some girl wrote on his wall saying "well now I can say that we really are friends since we are friends on facebook. I appreciate you finding me."

So I guess that question is, has he moved on? Is there no possibility of us getting back together?


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  • I think he has moved on. You need to work on you and building your selfestem up again. Because breaking up really hurts. There is a guy out there for you. If I were you I'd try and move on myself, because it looks like he has.

  • Lack of physical contact can make even a good thing go downhill. While a lot of men are emotional a lot of them use sex as a way to express that connection. If the connection is lost it makes him feel empty. Routine. For some men this leads to cheating. For the honest ones it leads to breaking up in hopes of meeting someone more their speed. Don't take it personal though, cause sometimes they need to date a few witches before they come back looking for their princess. Sometimes they don't come back but there will be others trust me. Best thing you can do now is carry on. Change your look, get outta the house etc moving on is never easy, but keeping active will help you meet someone better or sometimes the ex comes back outta curiosity. And no Facebook stalking. It'll only cause you pain when his status does change. Good luck


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