My ex boyfriend started to be hot&cold after we met for the first time after the breakup?

We met once after we broke up because I was nearby where he lives, everything went well and we had really good/friendly conversation, except at the beginning he was so nervous and a bit awkward.
But after we met he started to be hot and cold... What's going on?
Is that because he found that he still has feelings?
What should I do?
We live on the opposite side of the earth that's why we met when I was near to him.
We were really good friends before started dating, and that's why we wanted the friendship again.
Just wanna know his feelings so I know what I should do.
We don't wanna get back together because distance was too difficult for us.


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  • I think that you shouldn't be friends Cz all he's gonna do is be rude to you and act like he's "very important " so it looks like your chasing him and wanting him back... so I'd say ignore him , walk away , don't be friends even if you guys live near eachother later on in the future he'll end up thinking about you in a good way


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex. Wait, did you think you can still be friends? Lmfao


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