How long does it take a guy who was your best friend friend before you dated to get over you?

Back in December my best friend and I realized we had feelings for each other. He told me he's liked me for over 6 years, even through out h. s. when we weren't as close. We started dating , but while dating (as any relationship) hard obsticals came about and I stuck with him through everything. Since December and once our feelings progressed romantically we fell in love and he'd tell me how much he loves me and has always loved me and he's never loved and cared for anyone the way he does, his mom even said back in June that he has never loved someone like he's loved me. Back in July someone guy that I slept with texted me and then my boyfriend then ended up texting him and the guy made up this lie that we slept together recently... lies, so my boyfriend broke up with me cause he believed him basically, because of his past and him never being in an actual relationship and people screwing him over in the past and cheating on him and he was scared from that. So he actually slept with someone and made out with an ex. He told me cause he thought I should know and he was drunk and that he feels like an jerk, and he cried and cried and blew up my phone telling me he loved me so much. Since then we haven't gotten back together (it's been like a month and a half since we've broken up), but we've slept together, hung out, kissed, tell each other we love each other, etc. but then I told him it'd be better if we had space cause he still wasn't taking me back cause he had to work on himself so we went a week without talking and just two nights ago he told me he loved me as a friend... a lot but didn't know if he loved me romantically anymore. He still wants to stay friends. He's also a guy who doesn't talk about his emotions. how long does it take for a guy to get over a girl that he claims to have loved not even 2.5 weeks ago? Is it true guys will say it and then a month or so later it hits them? Should I wait for him to Contact me, will he contact me?


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  • It changes person-to-person according to their feelings


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