Does my ex miss me?

So me and my ex broke up with me in April now its August so been a long time he went to California then came back to vegas so my bestfriend asked my ex is he over me he said he still sad about the breakup i was the one cheated on accident but thats a long story but i really loved my ex so in 2 weeks later he got a new girlfriend who is ugly than me but yea but it seem like he loves her but don't put her in her bio he do but then took it out and put babygirl💕 in his bio but he recently upload a pic and he look sad in the pic and put :) that as a caption on instagram so is he still hurt or miss me
Ooh also he always smile in his pictures now he don't anymore in that one pic


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  • how the hell you cheat on accident😐


What Girls Said 1

  • Your friend said he is, so there you have it.


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