Is it alright for two people who are diagnosed with mental disorders to still be together?

My then boyfriend has been diagnosed with multiple comorbid disorders since last year. I kept on denying to myself that i might be needing to seek for professional help because of my recurrent thoughts of suicide (even before i had my then boyfriend, i already had them). Being a psychology major, thoughts of seeking professional help embarrassed me, and thought that i would be a great shame to the discipline im majoring in. Just last week, my then boyfriend broke up with me, telling me that my recurrent thoughts of suicide doesn't help his condition and is only making him worse. He broke up with me to give me and him some time to heal, and when we're both better, start again and do it right (my parents never liked him, our relationship has survived for more than a year by constantly lying to my parents). He said that he still loves me and cares for me, and just wants some time for us apart to heal. Just this week, I have finally sought for professional help, and am now under medication. Now, I am left with two questions:

1. Should I believe what he said that we would start again when we're both better?

2. Is it alright for two people who are diagnosed with mental disorders to still be together?


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  • If you only have suicidal thoughts then you need therapy not meds. Your brain will never be the same. I know this from experience. Biggest mistake ever. As someone who is also mentally ill, I don't think that I would be capable of giving someone else who is also mentally ill, the care and support that they need. At times my spouse has to be my borderline caretaker when I become bad off. If we were both in a bad state we could very well end up on the street because they were be no one pulling us out of the funk. The stress of dealing with ones own mental issues is tough, combining someone's with it would be overwhelming. Like I said above though, I don't think you are very mentally ill. Everyone gets depressed time to time.


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