What do I do now?

So, I started to talk to a boy, around may of 2009, we had a great connection, and we started dating. we dated for 4 months, and we broke up. he's my first love, and I don't want to let that go. he would drive the forty-five minutes, and risk both, getting caught by his parents, and the cops, just to see me. we then got back together this January. and he cheated on me..with my best friend. I got over the fact about that, and still went back to him. when we broke up in February, I was so hurt, and I still am, I have tried so hard to move on from him, but yet, when I kissed my boyfriend, I thought about him. he texts me on occasion asking what I'm doing for the night, and ill tell him nothing, and we had plans, when I go to meet up with him, he doesn't show. and he's done it more than once. I miss him still, and I still love him. he was by far more then I could ever ask for but he doesn't realize this. what do I have to do to make him realize this? or get him back?


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  • Cut your loses and move on, it seems he did. He's just messing with you and he'll just give you more heartbreak, which will lead you to a depressing life in which it'll be harder for you to ever trust another guy ever again.


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  • Don't get him back, can't you see what he is doing to you? He's just playing around with you. He cheats on you, and then he bails on you, that isn't NICE at all, that's rude. What, you want him to see how much you love him? That won't change his mind. "Wow I CHEATED on her and she still took me back, she must love me" I think he knows

    He doesn't care.


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