Guys there is this guy I don't want my ex to he around but she ended up liking him. How do I stop feeling nervous when I see them near my house?

It makes me sick, and sad and jealous. I've tried to ignore it but he's all that perfect for her types and she hates me.


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  • You know, you need to just get over this. Whoever your girlfriend chooses to keep as friends is barely your business, but the people your EX-girlfriend keep as friends is absolutely none of your business. I know you're young, which means that you're passionate and emotional. These can be good things because in a way, I have become somewhat of a robot in life and often wonder if I'm even capable of real passion, but at the same time, these emotions make you do stupid things so I would suggest that you pretend like you don't care and just constantly tell yourself that it doesn't bother you. If you do this long enough, you'll find that you'll actually start feeling that way and you'll end up in a way better place because jealousy and possessiveness (which is really what this is about) are not good for you or any future relationship you hope to have.

    • That's the best opinion I've heard honestly but I'm actually aware of the stupidity in all of these things and that I should actually earn enough in life so that I can be passionate in a safer way but if I try to say I don't care, I stop feeling anything at all. That is pretty hard to live with

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